20160720 fc-reversed

As per the data with FC in +ve polarity; now with FC in -ve polarity...

Task 5: FC alignment

Task Description Momentum # Triggers # shifts SSU (ECE) SSU M1/M2 FC SSD (ECE) SSD M1/M2 Run control tag
5a Focus coil alignment - sol 200 100k at TOF2 0.5 N N/N Solenoid N N/N 3-200+M3-Test1
5b Focus coil alignment - sol 300 150k at TOF2 0.2 N N/N Solenoid N N/N 300MeV+pi_pa82
5c Focus coil alignment - sol 400 100k at TOF2 0.03 N N/N Solenoid N N/N 400MeV+pi_pa82

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