Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting

Location : CR22 in R1 @ 15:30 pm on Tuesday 28th

Phone access : ReadyTalk number
US 866-740-1260
UK 0800-496-0576
Swiss 0800-70-53-51
Italy 800182592
Access Code: 2155402

Actions from last meeting
  • Generate appropriate table to store absorber pressure and material information (Janusz) : Stands
  • DS readback current requires calibration (DL) : Stands
  • Go over FC and DS alarm handler spreadsheets (Pierrick,Mark,John C)
  • Install FC monitoring in ISIS MCR (Pierrick,Paolo)
  • Implement a search function for the CDB (Someone)
  • Get Helium flushing the tracker now (John)
  • Need a procedure for the MOM to check the Helium level for the tracker to know when to change the bottle (John)
  • Put BLOCs in CHEESE (Steve) : Done
  • What are SS settings for reference runs (All) : Decide to continue use current conventional magnet reference settings regardless of the SS currents.
  • Provide water system failure emergency instuctions (John) : Done


Ongoing work

  • Electrical (DS current calibration)
  • FC training status
  • SS commissioning status and work plan
  • AOB
  • DONM : 5/7/2016

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