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h1. Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting 

 Location : CR11 in R3 @ 15:30 pm on Tuesday 3rd 

 Phone access :    ReadyTalk number  
 US 866-740-1260 
 UK 0800-496-0576 
 Swiss 0800-70-53-51 
 Italy 800182592 
 Access Code: 2155402 

 h1. Agenda 

 * *Actions from last meeting* 
 ** Generate appropriate table to store absorber pressure and material information    (Janusz) : (almost done) 
 ** DS readback current requires calibration (DL) : stands until close to powerup 
 ** Issues arising from last data taking run need to be identified and actioned (Boyd) : Stands 
 ** Move the tracker CAENbus module higher up the chain (Craig) 
 ** Get an estimate for how long it takes to wire in the chiller in (Andy) 

 * DC report 
 * Work plan for the next week : 
 * QP/QD work : 
 * Water system work plan 
 * Bellows installation and FC cooldown 
 * Tracker hall probe installation 
 * AOB 
 ** Prescaled trigger discussion (Online group). If you are interested, please indicate your availability in the doodle: 

 * DONM : 10/3/2016 
 h1. Minutes 

 * Present : Yordan, Paul H, Paul S, Mike C, Vicky B, Josef F, Coli W, Andy N, Craig M, Steve B, Pierrick H 

 * *Actions from last meeting* 
 ** Generate appropriate table t  

 * DC report 
 ** Focus coil won't go back in since the bellows have been switched around and now the screw hole tolerances no longer match. 
 ** When John gets back from holiday the FC will be pulled out and the bellows swapped 
 ** Daresbury work went well. An ongoing work plan is shown below 
 ** US team came out with a program of work, some of which can be done but because the racks are not fully commissioned the 
 full program of work can't be completed. 
 ** This week HPC have started to work on the compressor for the DS. They are concerned about the temperature of the air end - it's 
 too hot to touch. They plan to replace this in August. Colin:Can we just buy a new one rather than replace in August? Mike: What we 
 get is effectively new but we should put an order in. Colin:we should do a comprehensive job on fixing the compressor so need to 
 understand this issue. Action Item: Vicky will investigate the state of the refurbished air end to see what we get for our money. 
 ** Daresbury will allow the US to run into a short this week. 
 ** Alan B : the 20 psi main relief valve for SSU needs replacing. Alan has a replacement but it needs installation. This can happen 
 when John is back next week. 
 * Work plan for the next week : 
 ** Henry: Water plan goes into period when the DSA is closed. If we turn the water back on we may be in a situation where the 
 water pipes to the conventional magnets could blow. If the DSA is closed we can't get to it. Colin: Good point. Henry: We also 
 need the full ISIS running schedule spreadsheet. Colin:I've got something - I'll send it to you. Action Item: Colin will put the 
 ISIS dates into his schedules including run up. 
 * QP/QD work  
 * Water system work plan : Colin:There is no day-by-day plan, but the plan for what is being done is understood. The plan is not going 
 to plan due to delays in getting an external contractor. We'll put a project plan up here. 
 * Bellows installation and FC cooldown : Colin:We can plan to pump the FC down and get it as dry as it can. Is there any reason 
 to start cooling once it's pumped down. Josef: we can do this. Colin:once we're happy then we can start the coolers.  
 * Tracker hall probe installation: Alan: Will start tomorrow - we have a plan which will get the losses down to an acceptable level. 
 * AOB 
 ** Prescaled trigger discussion: Yordan is organising a phone meeting to develop the prescaled trigger. For those interested there 
 is a Doodle poll for this meeting. 
 ** Henry: Still looking for people to train as BLOCs. BLOC training will happen in June. An invitation will be given at the VC. 
 ** Henry: Water detection in the trench? Pierrick: we have water detection in the trench but it's in the gutter and so shows water 
 detection all the time. We need to come up with a proper plan. Action Item: Henry, Craig, Paul and Pierrick to look into optimising 
 this for once and for all. 
 ** Henry: Can Paul lower the target frame and check that the laser light levels haven't changed. Yes.