Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting

Location : CR11 in R3 @ 15:30 pm on Tuesday 12th

Phone access : ReadyTalk number
US 866-740-1260
UK 0800-496-0576
Swiss 0800-70-53-51
Italy 800182592
Access Code: 2155402


  • Actions from last meeting
    • Generate appropriate table to store absorber pressure and material information (Janusz)
  • DONM : 19/4/2016


Present: Mark, Mike, Vicky, Henry, Chris, Steve, Colin, Josef, John, Ed, Ken

  • Actions from last meeting
    • Generate appropriate table to store absorber pressure and material information : stands
  • DC report - activities in the Hall this week
    • BPS test - Went well after test parameters were prepared. Live drop for Bryan Jones was not possible as ISIS was off but "dead" drop was carried out instead and passed ok. Mark Arnold witnessed frame interlock tests.
    • DS - DS presently at 0Amps. Checked feedback of actuators in DSA area and all were fine. Mark and Mike still fine tuning the system.
  • Water system - We are getting chiller that has capacity for 2xSS but there is some doubt if this has 23KW spare for the FC as well. Chiller to be located on gas bottle rack outside hall. Beware FC cooling could be interrupted by forthcoming works on the roof chiller.
  • Bellows installtion - Bellows received on Monday and cleaned up. Require approx ~2wks of drilling through for clamping bolt holes.
  • QP/QD work - Further installation work by DL this week. Commissioning on schedule for early May
  • April 14th tour : MICE tour timings and guides in place. All procedural issues dealt with by ISIS contact
  • April 19th : Outreach visit by school students to paint the wall. Students are 16yrs+, Ken states that all risks are taken care of and that hall will need minimal preparation.
  • AOB
    • Water detector is showing there is water in the trench drain. Has been showing this status for ~2yrs. Needs investigating - Action Pierrick & Craig
    • DS readback current is inaccurate requires calibration - Action DL. Ensure cooling channel magnet readback is accurate. Follow Rogers MICE note 474 procedure. - Action Jaroslaw
    • Issues arising from last data taking run need to be identified and actioned - Action Boyd
    • Internal MICE safety meeting requested to discuss PRY meshing and forthcoming safety procedures relating to RF and LH2 systems - Nichols

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