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h1. Commissioning and Ops Scheduling meeting : 26/1/2016 

 To be held in CR10 in the ATLAS Building @ 15:30 pm  

 Phone access :    ReadyTalk number  
 US 866-740-1260 
 UK 0800-496-0576 
 Swiss 0800-70-53-51 
 Italy 800182592 
 Access Code: 2155402 

 h2. Agenda: 

 * Review of tasks and activities identified at last meeting 
 ** Realignment work 
 *** *Action Item (Colin to prod John C)* : need to get John's data with fiducials in it to get to Tony Middleton. _Expected yesterday_ 
 ** Simulation of material in the interspace 
 *** *Action Item* : John to give these files to the tracker group to make certain tracker resolution doesn't change 
 *** *Action Item* : John to do a simulation with air in the interspace and He in the absorber volume 
 *** *Action Item* : Pierrick/Mark - ensure that the pressure and material in the absorber volumes are recorded  
 *** *Action Item* : Colin will check with Alan Bross whether the LiH absorber can withstand vacuum 
 ** Cooling water discussion 
 *** *Action Item* : Colin and John to talk and agree on the plan._Discussion complete but further work needed_ plan. 
 ** ISIS Monitoring of SS magnets 
 *** *Action Item* : Josef/Colin to check with Alan about monitoring requirements for the SS magnets. 
 ** BLOCS and SOCS 
 *** *Action Item* : -Steve to remind Adam that we need SOCs.- 
 ** DS PS Installation 
 *** *Action Item* : Colin is to get an estimate for power supply installation time. _2 sets of 2-3 days over a space of 2 weeks_ 
 * Upcoming and ongoing activities : chaired by DC 
 ** "Operations calendar": 
 ** Work required before the DSA is closed 
 ** "Henry's January workplan": 
 ** "Daresbury workplan": 
 ** C&M network reconfiguration 
 * AOB 
 * Date of next meeting : February 2nd 

 h2. Minutes