Monday Operations Meeting - 22/7/2015


  • MOM report including daily plan
  • Issues to be solved for next run cycle
    • Decay Solenoid stability
    • Run control (need to be able to start a run without killing run control first)
    • CDB vs Spreadsheet
    • tool inventory issue (Andy/John working on)
    • Fix leak in tracker and define tracker Helium fill responsibility
    • Readout validation
    • Tracker timing
    • Downstream detectors need to be their final position and surveyed
      • for the half-field run
      • after the PRY access
    • August 5/6 - X-ray Hydrogen pipe welding
    • August 28/29 - Activation run
    • Beamline work :
    • Make an automated tool that periodically checks that we can communicate
      with all of the DAQ equipment
    • Solve the issue of why the EMR crate periodically stops the DAQ from arming.
  • Status of tracker and tracker analysis
  • Magnetic Field Safety Training
  • Daily run meetings
  • AOB
  • Next meeting : 3pm Monday 27th July

Phone access : ReadyTalk number

US 866-740-1260

UK 0800-496-0576

Swiss 0800-70-53-51

Italy 800182592

Access Code: 2155402

RAL Meeting Room: CR9

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