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Boyd, Steven, 28 May 2015 12:40

Review of MDR3

  • The goal of MDR3 was to partially readout the tracker in a DAQ-only configuration
  • This was partially achieved. Data was readout and reconstructed but
    • A bug was noticed in the unpacker by Yordan. He has fixed it, and a new version of available on the Geneva repository.
    • There is still something odd going on in MAUS. Adam and Paul K are working on it.
    • Yordan feels that the tracker data is still looking odd. He says that he can see corrupt and random blocks and bits of data
      and wants to spend some time to work out what is going on.
  • We decided to cancel Friday's run (when Yordan and Ed are unavailable) and move it to Monday and Tuesday.
  • On Monday, Pierrick will have control and will work on the run control. Yordan arrives on Monday at lunchtime and in the afternoon
    he and Ed can work on the tracker readout. This may extend to Tuesday if necessary.

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