Monday Operations Meeting - 11/5/2015


  • Action Items from previous meeting
    • Work on being able to access archiver data from external sites (Paolo/Pierrick) : (Stands)
      • Almost ready. Paolo only requires some more disk space to be made available. This should be in place in the next few days.
    • Work towards replacement of run conditions spreadsheet (All)
  • Current run status : MOM report
    • Not running. Target fibre work is about to start
  • Discussion on alarms to send to ISIS CR : Pierrick
    • Delayed until we could talk to Pierrick
  • Items to bring up at this weeks MICE/ISIS coordination meeting : All
    • Activation run and 4V running
  • Planning for MDR3 : Nominal date is May 26th. Primary goal is to test tracker readout.
    • Needs some discussion in the tracker group
  • Training plans in June :
    • non-Hall training activities - RAL and ISIS Safety, CDM, Safety talk by John, MOM talk : offered twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings
    • control room operations : offered on Thursday mornings and during shadow shifts
    • PPS : offered on Wednesday during maintenance day. This must be taken by new shifters.
    • Dependent on who is on shift. Once the shift lists are filled we can pre-plan the training.
    • Generally agreed to. Some discussion about requiring new collaborators to do PPS on a Wednesday if their shifts
      don't start until the following Tuesday, but decided that this was a safety issue and that groups would have to think
      about their own shift schedule to ensure that this is efficiently done within the group
  • Operations meetings in June : Daily at 3pm. Goal will be to review previous nights data-taking, and plan the next night.
    • Decided that this meeting would have to take place at 6pm due to legal requirements and to give the physics shifter time to
      analysis the previous nights data
  • Shifts in June User Cycle 01b :
    • 22:00 - 06:00 am nightshift ( 2 shifters )
    • reserve shifter for other running periods
  • AOB
    • Henry stated that, when a problem happens, he cannot find the right information in the elog entries. This led to a discussion
      that concluded that many shifters don't know what the right information in a particular case actually is. We decided to start a
      binder to go in the CR for shifters labelled "What to note down when something happens" with instructions for shifters.
    • BLOC takeup: Henry will send Steven his list of possible BLOCs. Joe Langlands from Sheffield has already volunteered
  • Next meeting : 3pm Monday 18th May

Phone access : ReadyTalk number

US 866-740-1260

UK 0800-496-0576

Swiss 0800-70-53-51

Italy 800182592

Access Code: 2155402

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