27/3/2015 : Weekend Activity Review

  • Review of actions from Monday's meeting
    • Fence from Q9 down to main door should be in place
    • Cranes should be in right place
    • Overview of readiness list from MDR1 and MDR2 :
    • Check with Andy on the safety implications of the change of hall configuration during search (Steve) : email sent
    • minor changes to checklists (Steve) : stands / will need to wait for next week
    • Save current run summary spreadsheet from Sunday run to wiki (?)
    • Think about adding an "Analysable" flag to the run conditions spreadsheet for the near term (Chris)
    • Chase the OnMon changes in the MRD action items (Steve) : email sent
  • General comments about control room activities arising from last weekend run
    • Please be methodical when going through checklists and ensure that all steps are carried out. (All)
    • Enhance written Elog error messages so that physics shifter has a better idea of what went wrong and whether it is serious. Include error
      message in Elog entry (All)
    • for the moment we will keep the Run Summary Spreadsheet going in parallel with the CDB (to be reviewed every week)

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