20150321 RunPreparationList

Create a run plan page in the repository
How many muons will be needed? How much data will this generate at 100 kB each? (#900)
Decide how many days you need
What detector calibration runs will be needed?
Schedule updated surveys if equipment has been moved [**] 2 months before running
Notify Henry Nebrensky (for Data Mover cover and data volume, and BLOC cover), and Durga Rajaram (computing cover) 1 month before running
Request shifter and on-call cover
Notify Mike Courthold, as Decay Solenoid cool-down must start 2 weeks before running
Make a request to ISIS for data taking (1 week before running)
inform Paul Wright, who is the site Radiation Protection Advisor, by email of start and finish times of each MICE experimental run.
He has also requested that T-type dosimeters be placed at various points within the Hall - he will organise and take charge of that.
Ensure up-to-date documentation and checklists in MLCR
Check Hall air-conditioning units all work
Check beamline polarity and get it changed if needed
Check POMPOM voltage and make sure is correct at 12 V
Check ISIS software applications and logins still work
Check DS turret fan is running [**]
Ask Pierrick to change Run Control over to production ConfigDB instance
Locate latest run summary spreadsheet
Check PPS doors/BOBs OK
Check target frame movement [**]
Turn on SY527 and SY127 HV supplies
Cranes moved to West end of Hall (away from ISIS)
Erect temporary fencing around Q789/TOF1, around TOF2/KL, and across gap by sliding floors
Authorization to Work (ATWs) in Collaboration with Andy Nichols
Go to and disable auto-updates
N.B. Items ** may need DSA or ISIS access to rectify any problems

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