Monday Operations Meeting : 17/3/2015


  • Review of previous run
  • Actions from previous runs
    • Fence from Q9 down to main door should be in place
    • Cranes should be in right place
    • Method statement for operating beamline not followed
  • Shift summaries
  • Plan for beam tuning on Wednesday 17th :
  • Plans for March 21/22 running
  • Overview of readiness list from MDR1 and MDR2 :
  • Friday training plans
  • Longer term plans
    • 21/22Mar15, 28/29Mar15: CKOV, TOF0, TOF1, no DS

      *Establish smooth operation from target to TOF1;
      *Carry out an initial calibration of TOF0 and TOF1;
      *Take data to allow a comparison of the performance of the old and new trigger systems;
      *Take pion-beam data to allow a first test of the reconstruction algorithms required for MICE Muon Beam commissioning;
      *Complete BLOC training on target tuning.

    • 11/12Apr15, 18/19Apr15 and 25/26Apr15: DS, CKOV,TOF0,TOF1, EMR, KL, TOF2 (& tracker?)

      *Check the TOF calibration. It will be important to take some data to be sure that the calibration is stable;
      *First pass of MICE Muon Beam (MMB) commissioning:
      *Start with the currents used in Step I to check the degree of reproducibility of particle rates;
      *Based on the revised simulation of the beam line (Jaroslaw Pasternak), start the search for the optimum magnet settings;
      *Commissioning and calibration of TOF2, KL and EMR will begin as soon as the south-side PRY is complete and the magnets and downstream
      detectors are in their final Step IV positions.

  • AOB
    • Physics shifter will be Chris Rogers
    • Friday meeting in the MLCR with ISIS personnel
  • Next meeting : 11 am Friday 20th March

Phone access :

Action Items

  • Show Dean the latest plan for the Wednesday tuning procedure and get comments (Steve)
  • Define BLOC cover (Henry/Ken/Steve)
  • Organise a SOC phone (Steve)
  • Check the progress of the action items from the Mock Data Runs with Pierrick and Rhys (Steve)
  • Contact Elaine Lancaster regarding MICE/ISIS meeting on Friday (Ken)
  • Check with Andy whether we need only one or a number of risk assessments and method statements for running (Steve)

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