Preparations for MDR2 : Monday 2pm

Phone bridge details

Present: Adam, Jaroslaw, Pierrick, Paolo, Ken, Yordan, Melissa, Chris R, Henry, Janusz

  • March 5th MDR2 : Run plan and staffing ( Pierrick )

Run plan approved. Decided to set the currents of D1 and D2 to zero and DS to low current to make certain particles don't come down the

MDR2 will start at 9 am

Action Items

  • Steve to tell Rhys plan and to send Dean Adams the run plan (steve)
  • Inform Roy, Andy and John G about plans (steve)

  • System runthrough
    • Beamline (Henry)
      • Q4 power supply problem looks like a faulty control board. Steve will change this week
      • DS available for Sunday running but there might be an intermittent glitch.
      • Include a run with DS slightly increased from 200 to 250 just to check that controls work
  • TOF (?)
    • OK
  • CKOV (Pierrick)
    • OK
  • DAQ (Yordan)
    • Don't expect problems
  • Online Reconstruction ( Adam )
    • may have to run off version 0.7.1 due to the version shear problem with the unpacking code and scientific linux. Adam is working on this now.
  • Online monitoring ( Rhys? )
    • no obvious problems. Ask Rhys if he'll be available for Thursday.
  • Action Item
    • MOM and Steve to sort out online whiteboard
  • March 8th planning
    • Run plan (Pierrick)
      • Broadly approved. Suggestions of new data runs were made.
    • Training
      • Henry pointed out that extra training on target will be needed as the intention is let shifters raise and lower
        the target frame. We can't do this this week, but must include it on the weekend runs.
      • Training on March 6:
        • 10 am -12 am : BLOC training (Henry)
        • 1 pm - 2 pm : Control room operations training (Chris/Pierrick and Rhys)
        • 4 pm : Begin Hall closure. PPS refresher
      • Action Items
        • Ensure that CHEESE sends out automatic "shift reminder" notices with training information and expectations (Steve)
        • Talk with Andy about safety boot requirement (Steve)
  • Outstanding safety issues
    • A meeting is required between Ken, Steve, Andy and Henry to go over the SHE issues discovered in the 2013 EMR and 2014 BLM
      runs and ensure that they have been dealt with. (Action : Ken to set up meeting)
  • Next meeting
    • MDR2 post-mortem @ 9:30 am on Friday 6th

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