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Documentation framework

1. Shifter instructions
  • How to monitor equipment during a shift
  • Operational instructions for start of data taking period
  • Operational instructions for end of data taking period

ACTION: Chris Rogers provide example documentation indicating desired level of description, etc

2. Emergency instructions
"Instructions that require action by the shift crew before expert can come on site, either to protect personnel or to protect equipment"
  • header page for what to do in an emergency
  • Things to consider:
    • Network failure
    • Water failure
    • Air failure
    • Power outage
    • Cryogen supply problem
    • Any other services that
    • Consider both - outage where there is a short term notice, outage where there is no notice
  • of order 1 page instruction
  • conditions of usage for an emergency instruction
3. On-call and expert instructions and documentation
  • Manuals, schematics, drawings
  • All systems must provide a power-up and power-down procedure, even if it is expert only

Status Of Documentation

  • Target - nowt, check web
  • Neutron monitors - nowt, none needed
  • Dipole/Quads - nowt, check web
  • Decay solenoid - documentation has been sent and uploaded, not checked
  • Cerenkovs - documentation has been sent and uploaded, not checked
  • TOFs - documentation not checked
  • Tracker - nowt, promised to send
  • Spectrometer solenoids - nowt
  • Diffuser - nowt
  • FC - Steve Watson promised something
  • KL - nowt
  • EMR - nowt
  • PPS - quite a lot
  • Services
    • Vacuum integration - quite a lot
  • Online systems - promised by Paul Smith
  • Controls and Monitoring - nowt
  • Operations - master documentation - exists, needs checking

ACTION: Steve Boyd to make a summary table - indicating whether documentation has been provided, whether it has been checked or is sufficient, whether it has been printed to MLCR
ACTION: Chris Rogers Shift the iit server stuff, micewww Documents, MOM laptop across to appropriate wiki page
ACTION: Chris Rogers where documentation has been provided, print it out and push to MLCR

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