2015-01-15 RunPreparationList

Preparation for each running period (data-taking campaign)

  • Create a run plan page in the repository
    • How many muons will be needed? How much data will this generate at 100 kB each? (#900)
    • Decide how many days you need
    • What detector calibration runs will be needed?
  • Schedule updated surveys if equipment has been moved [**] 2 months before running
  • Notify Henry Nebrensky (for Data Mover cover and data volume, and BLOC cover), and Durga Rajaram (computing cover) 1 month before running
  • Request shifter and on-call cover
  • Notify Mike Courthold, as Decay Solenoid cool-down must start 2 weeks before running handed off to Henry as beamline expert
  • Make a request to ISIS for data taking (1 week before running) confirmation from in-person "meeting" with Mike Krendler
  • inform Paul Wright, who is the site Radiation Protection Advisor, by email of start and finish times of each MICE experimental run.
    He has also requested that T-type dosimeters be placed at various points within the Hall - he will organise and take charge of that.
    Not necessary, we are not running with beam
  • Ensure up-to-date documentation and checklists in MLCR
  • Check Hall air-conditioning units all work
  • Check beamline polarity and get it changed if needed
  • Check POMPOM voltage and make sure is correct at 12 V
  • Check ISIS software applications and logins still work
  • Check manual proton absorber readout (#562) [**] Not required, auto proton absorber is in place
  • Check DS turret fan is running [**] okay
  • Ask Pierrick to change Run Control over to production ConfigDB instance we will do this as a test of Run Control
  • Locate latest run summary spreadsheet it is copied to the home area of onrec01
  • Check PPS doors/BOBs OK MICE hall main door has a problem, else all okay
  • Check target frame movement [**]
  • Turn on SY527 and SY127 HV supplies referring to RAMS
  • Cranes moved to West end of Hall (away from ISIS) Not necessary, we are not running beam/PPS
  • Erect temporary fencing around Q789/TOF1, around TOF2/KL, and across gap by sliding floors
  • Paperwork
    • Authorization to Work (ATWs) in Collaboration with Andy Nichols
    • RAMS for powering the magnets
  • Go to and disable auto-updates disabled
  • Run up all beamline magnets
    • While magnets are ON - make visual inspection of Magnet-ON lights located on each beamline magnet not necessary any more, goes in annual maintenance
  • Test target (dipping and frame movement)
  • make sure DAQ works (e.g. takes cosmic data) and is in a sensible configuration (selection of spill gate/trigger condition/event buffer etc.)

N.B. Items ** may need DSA or ISIS access to rectify any problems

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