2014-12-11 MOM-Briefing

MOM briefing

MOM Responsibilities and jobs:

  • Check van is MOT/road taxed hall manager job
  • Check status of surveys meeting with survey team
  • Check with Henry, when do we want a next beamline test beamline test on 09/01/2015, to be repeated 12/01/2015
  • Think about ops documentation + propose a set up and a structure
    • Read Steve Boyd emails and chase
  • Think about expert list
  • Tidy up MOM responsibilities (remove strikethroughs)
  • Start kicking shifter training, around CM41 Current planning status
  • Mock data run Current planning status
  • Email GLIMOS and confirm handover of responsibilities done, discussion with Andy Nichols following hall meeting 07/01/2014

Status of preparations for January DAQ tests:

  • Not much
  • Steve to email round next week
  • Arrange meeting in early Jan with Boyd/Hanlet/Smith/Rogers
    • Other people are Adey/Karadzhov/Overton/Detectors Edit: Nebrensky

Other things that were discussed to do with physics coordinator vs ops

On-call accelerator physics

  • Possibly we run with BLOC has responsibility for beamline and cooling channel on-call, backed up by beamline expert and cooling channel expert
    • Probably falls on some combination of Pasternak and Nebrensky

Accelerator physics data quality

  • Analysis issue, Steve Boyd has no real preference for how we handle it.

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