2013-09-03 unplanned-network-outage

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Subject:     Update: Forthcoming network outages - Tuesday 20th August and
Tuesday 3rd September
Date:     Tue, 3 Sep 2013 16:40:21 +0100
From:     Shuttle, Anthony (STFC,RAL,ISIS) <>
To:     ISIS Department (Staff) <>

A quick update on today’s networking work and difficulties.

The planned upgrade work early this morning went smoothly and the
network was back up within approximately 25-30 minutes.

Later on in the morning, an issue on the CLF network caused the network
links that connect both CLF and ISIS to the rest of the lab to shut down
as a safety/protection feature, resulting in a loss of connectivity to
all services that are not hosted locally on ISIS servers – these include
email, internet access, and various central network services such as SSC.

ISIS network services, such as the MAJESTIC and BRITANNIC fileservers
and the ISIS data archive, continue to be accessible.

The central network team have been trying to isolate the problem on the
CLF network all day, but as you have probably gathered by the further
network outages over lunchtime and throughout the afternoon, have not
been successful so far.  They are continuing to investigate and locate
the problem, and hopefully normal reliable network service should be
resumed tomorrow.

When we have further updates we will pass that information on.

We apologise on behalf of the central network team for the inconvenience.

Anthony Shuttle

Facilities IT Servicedesk

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