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Step 1 Post-Partum Action Items

10 September 2010 14:47

Compiled by C. Rogers, these are the action items resulting from the step 1 post-partum meeting

Shifter Instructions for Running the MoveFiles Script

08 May 2015 11:38

Operations instructions for shifters explaining how to run the script that moves the data at the end of each shift. This script starts the process by which we copy the data and some online plots onto tape, the PPD cluster, and the GRID. Updated 30 September 2010....

How to Set the DAQ Spill Gate

30 September 2010 19:24

Describes how to check and adjust the DAQ Spill Gate which defines the time window during which the DAQ is accepting particle triggers and the scalars are counting.

How to Change the Particle Trigger Condition

12 July 2011 16:49

Operations instructions explaining how to change the DAQ trigger condition. Available trigger options are GVA1, TOF0, and TOF1. Updated April 27, 2011.

DAQ Quick-Start Manual

27 September 2011 16:42

Start-up and running instructions for the DAQ, including trouble-shooting help.

Decay Solenoid Operating Instructions - BLOC or Expert Only

30 November 2011 19:13

Operating instructions for preparing the superconducting decay solenoid for running, including powering on/off instructions. These actions are to be performed by experts or BLOC personnel only.

MOM Running Start-Up/Shutdown Checklist

04 February 2015 13:43

Checklist to be used by MICE MOM as a guide to setting up and getting ready for a data-taking run, and shutting down under three separate run conditions - complete shutdown, stand-by shutdown used during extended run periods, and shutting down when doing a series of single run periods.

CKOV HV Settings

06 December 2011 21:45

Up to date (as of 1 Dec 2011) values for the HV on each CKOV channel.

Target Controller Instructions

26 July 2013 11:22

Description of how to operate the MICE Target with the target controller.

NOTE: Only to be used by trained BLOC.


See #1315

V0.1 (December 2011?)

NOTE: Significant changes have been made during this controller upgrade - previous target instructions are obsolete and should NOT be used....

Magnet Checklist

08 March 2017 08:39

Checklist used when turning on any of the conventional beamline magnets (Q1,Q2,Q3,D1,D2,Q4,Q5,Q6,Q7,Q8,Q9).

Most up-to-date document (06-02-2017)

Checklist : MagnetChecklist_v10.PDF

Online Monitoring Instructions

25 June 2015 16:05

User instructions describing how to start up the Online Monitoring during data-taking.

Most up-to-date document (07-07-2015)


Target Beam Loss Monitor Guide

06 December 2011 21:39

Instructions on how to use the Target Beam Loss Monitor during operation of the target.

Most up-to-date documents (07-07-2015)

Target beam loss monitor guide : Target_Beam_Loss_Monitor_Guide.v1.2.pdf

Luminosity Monitor Operating Instructions

29 September 2011 02:33

instructions on how to turn on/off luminosity monitor and signal processing info through to the DAQ

Most up-to-date document (07-07-2015)

Luminosity monitor instructions : Luminosity_Monitor_Operating_Instructions_V1_2.pdf

Shifter Instructions for G4MICE Online Reconstruction

06 December 2011 20:50

User instructions describing how to start up the G4MICE Online Reconstruction during data-taking.

**NOTE: As of June 2012 - these are no longer in use. We do not use G4MICE in Online Reconstruction.

POMPOM shifter instructions

02 October 2013 09:23

Instructions for the operation of the Polarity orientation monitors for the benefit of shifters and the MOM during data collection.

Shifter Instructions for MAUS Online Plots

18 March 2016 12:34

User instructions describing how to use the new MAUS Online Monitoring/Reconstruction/Data Quality plotting system during data-taking.

Updated: 2013-10-03 with expert documentation

Most up-to-date document (v8 - March 18, 2016)


Shift Operators Guide to Monitoring the Decay Solenoid

12 February 2015 10:39

Monitoring guide for the Decay Solenoid

Most up-to-date document (07-07-2015)


Monitoring Decay Solenoid for Shifters

29 January 2015 15:27

Document provided by Mark Tucker
Instructions to shifters on monitoring the decay solenoid

CKOV Quickguide

29 January 2015 15:43

Quick guide to CKOV provided by L. Cremaldi (1/9/2015) : includes emergency instructions and start-up checklist

Most up-to-date document (07-07-2015)


Metal detector manual

10 February 2015 16:49

Manual for the PPS metal detector

Spectrometer Solenoid Controls and Monitoring Manual

12 February 2015 10:51

Spectrometer Solenoid Controls and Monitoring Manual (out of data as of 12/2/2015)

Run Control Instructions

17 December 2015 19:45

Instructions on launching (if necessary) and operating the Run Control

Beamline Magnet Instructions

26 September 2011 23:43

Operations instructions describing how to turn on the conventional magnets in the MICE beam line. Includes reference to the Magnet Checklist and a description of how to appropriately perform the check list before running.

Most up-to-date document ( 07-07-2015 )

Diffuser Operating and Troubleshooting manual

08 July 2015 13:41

Most up-to-date document (07-07-2015)


Tracker checks for running

24 September 2015 08:50

Checks to perform on the tracker DAQ and systems when configuring the system to run.

KL powering instructions

09 September 2015 15:40

Short document on how to power on/off the KL system

EMR Start up guide

23 September 2015 10:14

Describes location and layout of the EMR rack and local control of the EMR power supply

TOF Manual Control

23 September 2015 10:16

Describes the manual control of the TOF HV system

Shift Check list

24 September 2015 15:41

Hall probe operation instructions

29 September 2015 00:36

Instructions on how to take data with the tracker hall probes

Controlled Access Checklist

06 October 2016 08:27

Checklist with instructions on how to prepare for a Controlled Access into the MICE Hall using the MICE Hall PPS, and on how to then return to Target operations after the Controlled Access has been completed.

Most up-to-date document (06-09-2016)

MICE Shifter Training

01 September 2017 11:08

The MOM Guide To Taking Shifts in MICE : MICE_Shifter_Training_Sep2017.ppt

Target operations shifter checklist

14 February 2018 17:23

Operations checklist for shifter operation of target

Most up-to-date document (14-02-2018)


Target Operations Checklist

14 February 2018 17:24

Checklist to be used ONLY BY EXPERT to start up & shut down the MICE target.

Most up-to-date documents (14-02-2018)

Target operations checklist : TARGET_CHECKLIST-2.19.PDF

Expert List - 14/06/16

14 June 2016 11:24

Spectrometer Solenoid Shifter Manual

14 September 2016 11:56

Instructions for shifters concerning the operation of the spectrometer solenoids

Focus coil shifter instructions

14 September 2016 11:59

Focus coil instructions for shifters

Focus coil shifter instructions

14 September 2016 11:59

Focus coil instructions for shifters

MICE PPS User Guide

14 September 2017 11:16

Description of the functional operation of the MICE Search and Controlled Entry systems. Includes steps necessary for searches of the MICE Hall and enclosures using the PPS. Does not specify how to implement effective searches of the MICE areas so MICE equipment can be operated without harm to personnel.

MOM Control Panel Documentation

23 May 2017 09:25

This document describes the MOM control panel for manually setting state machines.

Beamstop Instructions

23 August 2017 13:49

Operations instructions for BLOC describing how to operate the MICE beam stop in preparation for taking beam to the MICE Hall. Includes instructions on removal/replacement of the mechanical stop under the hydraulic lift.

Most up-to-date documents (25-06-2015)

Beamline Operating Instructions

29 November 2011 18:05

Description of how to set up and operate the MICE beam line - including the use of the Magic Spreadsheets (available here).

Updated October 2011 - Adam Dobbs.

Technical documentation

Luminosity Monitor Manual

28 September 2010 19:19

Detailed description of Luminosity Monitor including motivation for use, design and operation.

Alarm Handler Manual

30 September 2010 19:56

Describes the use of the Alarm Handler and how it is tied to Slow Monitoring of hardware systems using EPICS.

Old Target Instructions & Manuals

29 November 2011 19:04

Instructions for operation of OLD target controller system. Includes manual and operating instructions for T560 programmable delay generator which is no longer in use.


CKOV Detector Operating Manual

06 December 2011 21:23

Detailed description of the MICE CKOV detectors including their use as Particle ID detectors, their positions in the DSA, PMT labeling & locations, the HV system, temperature and humidity sensor description and readout information, and cable map.

NOTE: HV settings for the PMTs is not up to date in this document (as of 1 Dec 2011). Values should be taken from separate CKOV HV document (or eLog entry #1726).

KL Detector Manual

06 December 2011 21:54

Manual describing the KL calorimeter and Tag counters. Included in the description are the structure, materials, cable configurations, power supply and HV settings, signal readout, and data acquisition.

Most up-to-date document (07-07-2015)


MoveFiles Manual

09 July 2015 14:47

Provides detailed information on what the MoveFiles script does and explains the filename convention needed by the script. This convention must be followed by developers creating additional online output plots in the future.

Most up-to-date document (09-07-2015)

FNAL BPM Documents

06 December 2011 23:31

User Guide for the Fermilab Beam Profile Monitors, Beam Monitors Sender/Receiver Manual, and Burle MAPMT 64ch spec documents.

NOTE: These detectors are no longer in the MICE Beamline as of October 2011. These documents are kept for completeness.

MICE PPS Specification Document

08 December 2011 20:00

Functional specification for the MICE Personnel Protection System. Includes all information on the scope of the system, hardware, definitions of terms, all searches and controlled entry systems and states, and all permits.

Computing On-Call Policy

10 November 2014 13:42

This document describes the plan to provide support for computing systems during commissioning and data taking.

Decay Solenoid User Manual : BLOC or Expert ONLY

29 January 2015 15:33

Decay Solenoid User Manual : Technical specifications, and operational instructions

Technical Specs for the Spectrometer Solenoids

12 February 2015 10:45

Technical specification for the Spectrometer Solenoids

Spectrometer Solenoid Cryostate pressure safety review

12 February 2015 10:50

Beamstop Frame Removal Protocol

11 March 2016 07:40

Agreed guidance on when, and how, the beamstop frame should be removed and replaced.

Beamstop User Guide

13 September 2017 16:56

Detailed description of the MICE Beamstop and instructions for using it. Includes information on the construction of the beam stop, the mechanical stop under the scissor-lift, and troubleshooting if problems arise. Expands upon standard shift instructions for operation of beam stop.

SSD Quench 04/Dec/17

04 December 2017 17:06

Quench data for SSD and screenshots.