The Operations Working Group is responsible for running the MICE experiment and taking data which facilitates an understanding of the muon beam and ultimately results in the measurement of muon cooling. These responsibilities include maintaining and operating the MICE target, beam line magnets, particle detectors, and the data acquisition system. The Operations Group maintains close ties with the Online Group in order to understand, improve and make use of tools including the controls and monitoring systems for each part of the MICE experiment, checks of data quality and detector function, and networking within the MLCR. The Operations Group also develops and implements appropriate training regimes for members of MICE on shift and beam line experts (BLOCs). The MICE Operations Manager (MOM) is the leader of the group and is responsible for the daily functioning of the experiment, preparation for future stages, and the safety and training of MICE personnel at the experiment.

This website includes information pertaining to tasks to be completed, documentation for shifter use during data-taking and detailed descriptions of MICE systems, and wikis for shifters, MOMs, and general MICE. Use of this site is intended to assist in shifter training, maintaining long-term operational knowledge, and organization of work related to operations.

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