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This page contains links to images, plots, schematics, diagrams and other information that may be helpful in the preparation of presentations or documents describing MICE and its results. The page is still under construction. Please send requests for clarification or additional material to the web manager Durga Rajaram.

Publication and figures

The MICE publications and figures they contain may be found here.

International contributions to MICE

To come in this section:

  • The flags:
  • Contributions to MICE; the experiment with the flags.

Configuration that will be used to demonstrate ionisation cooling

  • Cross links to be made in this section:
    • Schematics on the public infomation page;
    • Unlabelled schematic on the public information page.

Rendering of Step IV cooling channel

Larger Image

Rendering of Step IV cooling channel in the MICE Hall

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MICE schematics

Step IV schematic with labels.

MICE cooling demo with flags.


Historical Links

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