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MICE, the Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment, is a project to design, construct, operate and test a cell of a muon ionisation cooling channel that may be used for a future Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider. This is the front page for the MICE wiki and issue tracking tool.

Below are the links to subprojects. If you are a member of the collaboration, you can click here to register or click here if you have forgotten your password. If you do not use your academic/lab email address and real name, your account will be rejected.

News is here and very old news (before this website) is here

Working Group Wikis

Links to each working group area are given below.

MICE Experiment

MICE Construction

MICE Governance

General Information

Included here is information that's general to MICE instead of information on specific working groups, which is below for convenience. This information is stored in wiki format.

Monthly Videoconference Meetings

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