Visiting RAL

Prior to Arrival

What to do before arriving at MICE:
We have recently changed the procedures for what users must do before arrival at MICE. Several new online systems have been introduced. Please use the links below to make sure you have everything in place to make the most of your time at MICE.
If you haven't already, you (and all visitors) will need to create a new facility-users account with us. You can then use this account to login to these systems and also access wireless at RAL during your visit.
To create an account please go here and follow the online instructions.

All MICE visitors are asked to create and maintain a record of some relevant personal information. This process will be initiated prior to your first visit with an email asking you to create your personal record. You will also be asked to:

  1. Study the training pages ; and
  2. Take (and pass) the ISIS safety test (if you have not done this within the past two years).
  3. Update your personal details
  4. Review relevant health information

Please note that your entry into the MICE Hall will be delayed unless you have an up-to-date safety test and have read the health information


For the time being if you require accommodation and/or transport please arrange this via . At a later date we will be moving to the online visit system for booking accommodation and/or transport. Please do not use the online visit system until you are advised to do so.

What to do on arrival

All visitors are required to report to the RAL Reception. Photo-Id cards are required for all personnel on the RAL site. If you hold a RAL photo-Id card, you will be asked to present it. If you are a newly registered member of the MICE collaboration and do not have a pass, please arrive during normal working hours (Mon-Thurs 08:30-16:30, Fri 08:30-15:00) and visit the MICE Admin Office (R1 2.23) to arrange for your site pass.

Once on site, please note:

  • Once you have a pass, you can pick up your dosimeter at the ISIS Main control Room when you are attending activities in the MICE hall. You must return your dosimeter to the ISIS Main Control Room on expiry or before you leave.
  • Due to the long-term nature of your association with the MICE project you will also be required to attend various health and safety courses appropriate to your visitor status.

Rose Hayes/Debbie Loader ()   Bldg R1, 2nd Floor Room 2.23 Tel 01235 446129
ISIS Main Control Room Building R55 Tel. extension 6789

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