Hosting a Phone Conference from a RAL Phone

It is possible to host a small, 8-way phone conference directly from suitably-configured RAL speakerphones.

  • Shortly before the conference is to begin, press the "Conference" (or "Conf") button (the associated lamp should become lit).
  • Participants should direct-dial into the extension.
  • When the first caller rings in, answer the call by pressing whichever of the "Access 1" and "Access 2" buttons is flashing.
  • As each subsequent caller rings in, the phone will ring again while you are talking to the other participants.
    • Answer the call by again pressing whichever of the "Access 1" and "Access 2" buttons is flashing.
    • Then press "3" on the numerical keypad to merge the caller into the conference.
  • At the end of the conference, hang up and press the "Conference" button so that the light goes out.

If two external participants dial in at the same moment, one will receive an engaged tone while the other can be connected in as above.
If this happens, simply wait a few seconds and then try again.

Suitable phones are available in:
  • The Norton Room (+44 1235 445486)
  • The MLCR (+44 1235 778364)
  • The MOM's desk (+44 1235 778188)

These instructions are based on those provided for the Norton Room.

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