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MICE File List

Further Instructions to Adding Source Material

Adding Source Material

Once registered (link) and signed into your account there will be a new set of links on each page on the wiki. You can add your source material to this page by clicking on the link "New File" located at the bottom of the page. It is possible to modify the text of the wiki by clicking on the new link "Edit" located at the top right of any page.

Files uploaded to this page will appear in a list at the bottom of the page, located underneath the header "Uploaded Files". This is a direct link to your source material, if you wish to link to this material elsewhere it is just a matter of copying and pasting this link address on a different page "Right click -> copy link address". See below for more information on the syntax of writing a link in Redmine.

Style Guide for Adding Your Own Talks or Posters to the Talks and Posters List

In order to keep everything looking professional and for easy of use please use the following style guide when editing the Talks and Posters page.

  • All entries should be entered in one of the two tables, Talks or Posters.
  • Insert additional pipe operators (|) to allow for a single space above and below your entry. This allows others to more easily edit the page in the future.
    • Please see Useful Syntax Guide below for more information on proper table syntax.
  • Entries should be in chronological order.
  • A link should be created to the conference that you presented at.
    • If multiple people have presented at the same conference that link can be shared between rows.
  • All source material should be from this page to your table entry.
    • For talks, links to files should be placed in the source column, the text of the link should describe the file.
    • For posters, links to a file should be placed in poster column, the text of the link should be the poster title.

Useful Syntax Guide

In using the above Style Guide you will need to know some Redmine syntax. To facilitate use of the wiki here are some pointers. For more in depth syntax please visit the Redmine Wiki Formatting page (link). If you are registered you can also click the "Edit" link and view the syntax used on this, or any other page.


A link to a full url can be added to a page with the following syntax.

"Neutral Production":

This produces the following link to one of the posters at the bottom of the page:
Neutral Production


The syntax for tables is a slightly more complected due to formatting issues. As an example let us use the header of the Talks table.

|/2=.*Speaker*|\3=.*Conference*|/2=.*Title of Talk*|/2=.*Source*|
This produces the following table:
Speaker Conference Title of Talk Source
Name Location Date
  • cells are created through use of the pipe operator (ie. |text|).
  • foreslash and a number at the beginning of a cell (ie. /2) tells the table how deep the cell should be.
  • backslash and a number at the beginning of a cell (ie. \3) tells the table how wide a cell should be.
  • The equal sign tells the table to center the text of the cell.
  • The period tells the cell where the cell formatting as ended and the text can begin.
  • The two asterisks bold what is between them.

Correct Table Syntax for Meeting Style Guide

Putting all of this together your entry into the table should look something like this:

|L. Coney|"EuCARD":|Paris, France|11 May 2011|"MICE step 1: first results of emittance with particle physics detectors":|"pdf": "ppt":|
|M. Zisman|"PAC 11":|New York, United States|31 March 2011|R&D Toward a Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider||

Which produces:
L. Coney EuCARD Paris, France 11 May 2011 MICE step 1: first results of emittance with particle physics detectors pdf ppt
M. Zisman PAC 11 New York, United States 31 March 2011 R&D Toward a Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider

Speaker's Bureau Links

Uploaded Files

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