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h1. Launchpad usage 

 All "code": used in mice is hosted on launchpad in the "mice project group": 

 h2. Information for developers 

 If you have an existing launchpad project, you can make it a part of the MICE project group by doing 

 Project home page (e.g. > Change Details > "Part of" field > Enter "mice" 

 You can see all branches associated with all projects associated with mice by following 

 with options to sort by project/etc. You can create a new project in MICE by doing > Register a project in MICE Software 

 You should also ask to be added to mice-maintainers group. 


 h2. Initialise a project as bzr 

 If you have an existing code project, make it a bzr project by doing 

 bzr init 
 bzr push lp:~<user-name>/<project-name>/branch-name