Setting up bzr and launchpad

  • You should install a recent version of bzr.
  • You can get your bzr version by doing bzr --version
  • You can get bzr from or usually apt-get or equivalent has a bzr version
  • You need to set up a launchpad login and ssh keys at the launchpad website (
  • Once you have a login, do
    bzr whoami "John Smith <>"
  • At RAL, you will should make sure your proxy is set by doing
    export https_proxy=   ### Only if you are at RAL
  • To use launchpad you will need to set your ssh rsa key. You can generate a ssh rsa public - private key pair from the linux command line using:
    Make sure you set a good password when given the option (too weak and the process will fail). This then generates two files, id_rsa (your private key) and (your public key). Both files should be put in the (hidden) directory:
    You will need to set the permissions on the files too, using the following:
    chmod 600 id_rsa
    chmod 640
    For the interested reader, there is a nice chmod tutorial available at .
    Upload the text of your public key to your launchpad account, and you are good to go.
  • Once you have set up your key, you will be able to connect bazaar to your launchpad ID with:
    bzr launchpad-login jsmith

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