2016-04-04 - Meeting with Ajit Tim Pierrick

Action Items

  • Ajit:
    • Propose that we use Keith's method for reading the directional couplers and that this will provide information for EPICS to display.
    • Check with Chris White if there are any differences in the ISIS HT PSUs (externally, they look identical)
    • Check with Tim the bandwidth of the amplifiers.
    • Check documentation from Andy Lambert for info to write the PID algorithm for the tuners.
    • Circulate run modes definition for conditioning and normal running (power up and tuning controlled via LLRF) based on definition of states from Tim's spreadsheet.
    • Circulate naming convention document draft.
    • Check if there has been any simulations and measurements of stress deformations of the cavity due to the mechanical tuners (useful to understand the number of backwards-and-forwards activations the cavity can take).
    • Check with Bob what the controls interface to the LLRF is (including parameters to read and control) and that the phase difference between the two cavities is adjustable at run time (so that this can be set differently for different muon momenta).
    • Check if there is a simulation of the average arrival time to set nominal phase of the RF.
    • Check with Colin about the provision of water, dry compressed air (for the tuners and cooling).
  • Pierrick:
    • Specify details of the x-ray monitors and liaise with Paul Wright re PPS requirements.
    • Check with the vacuum group what devices are needed for the cavities and see if we can use devices that are already used on MICE to simplify integrating them into EPICS.
  • Tim:
    • Check if temperature probes will be used in the RF controls, e.g. to monitor inlet air temperature to the 116.
    • Verify that the RF amplifier chain can be turned off in a safe way due to a PPS trip (e.g. filaments will be protected).
    • Summarize results of cavity conditioning experience (conditioning procedure and cavity behaviour) either from notes of Fermilab tests or ask Dave Peterson and Andy Lambert.
    • Clarify logistics and procedure for using the dummy load in the MICE hall.

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