• MIPO.
  • De-risk strategy for rf at Step V.
  • Low level test at Fermilab, Low level tests at Daresbury or high power tests at Daresbury.
  • Location at Daresbury : Plant room or security futures lab. Plant room best but crane presents issues.
  • Andy : llrf at Fermilab a non-starter. Achieves very little.
  • Chris : Moving amplifiers for locating in Security Futures lab a lot of work.
  • All : Better in Pland room.
  • Kevin : Automation and interlocking for amplifiers?
  • Steve : possible to do more work.
  • Shielding requirements for cavity tests?
  • Kevin : Need qualified estimate for requirements.
  • Tim : Amplifiers up running again next year? Level of system.
  • Kevin : Andy to contact safety services at RAL to get estimate of shielding requirements.
  • End of July deadline for decision on single cavity test...~ 3 weeks time.
  • Agenda : Control.
  • No temperature sensors on water at DL but do have at RAL.
  • Need interlocking of all panel openings where there is a risk.
  • Kevin : collect and monitor diagnostic data from all rack elements / circuit components.
  • Chris : Heaters on both amplifiers - need to interlock / automate.
  • Chris : Add network module to interface with Siemens PLCs.
  • Change to alternative brand / model of PLC (Omron) for standardisation.
  • ISIS new system all PLCs.
  • Pierrick : Use system similar to ISIS to ensure support available.
  • Modified version of ISIS logic plan and new software.
  • Kevin : Perform precision timing measurements at amps.
  • MICE could run with 4 amplifiers and one set of rf cavities.
  • Kevin : current aim is to run with 2.
  • Andy : Can you tell us what control framework we should use (CANBUS / PLC).
  • Need flow chart for control / interlocking of RF systems on MICE.
  • Control (currently on interlocks) has ms resolution.
  • Interlocking rack will be on mezzanine.
  • Do we need feedback control to prevent overdriving RF cavities in a breakdown event.
  • ISIS GUIs should be obtained and studied (Action on Tim).
  • Andy : LLRF is a self contained device running Linux.
  • Compile list of I/Os and formulate a plan / flowchart.

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