MICE News - 1st November 2010

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MICE News - 1st November 2010

Work in the hall: Intumescent Painting of Solenoid platform will commence on
Monday or Tuesday please keep away from the DSA
Grid: There will be no access to CASTOR tape system at the RAL
Tier1 during the morning of Tuesday 2nd November (09:00 to 14:00
local time (UTC)).
A hardware fault has been found in the cooling of one of the power
supplies of the tape robot that requires investigation.
This won't affect access to copies of the data stored on disk

MICE News - 24th October 2010

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MICE News - 24th October 2010

Grid: There will be a major upgrade to the RAL CASTOR system from the
25th-27th Oct.
During this time there will be no access to data stored on on tape,
relevant FTS channels will be disabled and the mice queue at the
Tier 1 compute farm will be suspended.

-- NUFACT10 in Mumbai: see the NUFACT program at
(in particular talks by Yagmur, Marco and Mark on MICE ... and all the rest!)

-- for your organizer: NUFACT11 will be 1-6 August 2011 in Geneva

-- MICE spectrometer solenoid review will start on 27 October
Reviewers are Pasquale Fabbricatore (Genoa, chair), Amalia Ballarino (CERN),
Elwyn Baynham (RAL and ITER), Tom Bradshaw(RAL), Mike Courthold (RAL),
Vladimir Kashikin (Fermilab), Bob Sanders(Fermilab), and for MICE :
Alain Blondel, Alan Bross and Andy Nichols. Interested MICE are welcome to l
isten to the review, but because it is a phone meeting, in order to keep the
limited airspace and time for the reviewers, are kindly asked to intervene
only by emailing Andy or Alan.

-- MICE FAC meeting foreseen on 15 October has been postponed to a later date.
We will edit the MICE status report. MICE collaborators are welcome to read
the one prepared in September and suggest corrections. (MICE note 316)

MICE News - 19 October 2010

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MICE news
--. very lively MICE attendance in the little town of Bankya (Bulgaria)
and beautiful visits to Sofia and Koprivshtitsa, and excellent discussions
in the meeting made up for a rather unseasonal cold weather
-- Step III vs step IV: provided the FC magnet is available, and its
magnetic field mapped precisely, a step IV configuration with the fully
empty FC will be just fine as a replacement for step III; solid absorbers
can be fit in the FC magnet to effect the step III.1 program. The physicists
(John Cobb in charge) will prepare a program of solid absorbers, and the
infrastructure team will prepare a more precise evaluation of how much
time and effort is saved this way; both will be presented at the next VC
on 18 November.
-- Magnetic measurements: a new scheme which allows mapping of all MICE
magnet in a consistent way was presented by Felix Bergsma from CERN.
Proposal for a more definite program of measurements will be prepared
by Pierrick Hanlet.
-- RFCC module needs a modification due to a real estate squeeze between
the coupling coil cryostat and the RF cavity couplers. Ulysse Bravar
was present and, in collaboration with Derun Li, will look into the
consequence on the optics of increasing the length of the RFCC by as
much as 4cm to avoid having to make a notch in the CC cryostat.
-- The MICE schedule was not updated – we will do so after the sign
off of the Spectrometer solenoid repair plan in December 2010.
-- We made a first attempt at “MICE official plots” session, which
underlined two things: 1) we really need to do it, and 2) we need to
prepare it better next time -- that will be before the Moriond
conferences etc...

-- There will be a NUFACT talk rehearsal in the afternoon of October 15.
This will be announced by Vittorio… who is otherwise doing a very
impressive job at getting lots of presentations or MICE at conferences,
although sometimes at the last minute – people should signal to him
their wishes and proposals well in advance!
-- The next MICE video conference will be on November 18
-- The next collaboration meetings will be
• February 15-18 @ RAL
• July 2011 – Oxford (TBC)
• October 2011 – in the US, leads to follow: Mississippi (Oxford), UCLA or Berkeley

MICE News - 26th September 2010

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MICE Project Board
  • The first MICE project board took place on Thursday 23 September at RAL.
  • The presentations by MICE members can be found here
  • They were well received, as well as the MICE status report (MICE note 316)
    A preliminary account (by Alain and Mike) of the close-out can be seen
    on MICE note 318. We now have to take these recommendations into account.
  • More on this at the collaboration meeting in Sofia.

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