Computing & Software Issues

  • Issues with geometry, rotations, alignment corrections resolved.
    • New geometries released -- include corrections from alignment analysis
    • New MAUS version including software fixes -- MAUS-v2.0.0
  • All StepIV data since June 2015 have been reprocessed with MAUS-v2.0.0
    • starting from when the downstream detectors were moved into StepIV positions & tracker commissioning was stable
    • entire processing took ~2 days on MLCR machine
    • Some bug fixes to Kalman have since been pushed.
    • Data will be re-re-processed with MAUS-v2.1
  • MC production
    • We now have a MC production manager -- D. Maletic (Belgrade)
    • Significant progress in getting the GRID MC machinery in place
    • Some test jobs have been pushed and outputs being validated.
    • A few minor issues being resolved (having the output available via http)
    • Issue with beam coming out of G4BL -- needs validating and maybe re-generation.
    • MC speed remains an issue (maybe less of an issue on GRID, but it's the next thing to address)

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