Jan 12 2018

Software & Computing

  • S/w and computing performed smoothly during Sep-Dec running.
    • Some minor issues with EMR dropouts and DAQ errors at high rates.
    • low-level monitoring did not show any issues with tracker/detectors
  • Software
    • MAUS version 3.0.1 during Nov-Dec runs.
    • Several changes since then:
    • Tracker:
      • Issues were found with the MINUIT PR fitter. Reverted to LSQ. PR upgrades by CH to minuit fits.
    • Globals
      • several updates to track matching & structure: storing raw sp/tracks with global counterparts, energy loss calculation for propagated tracks
    • Geometry:
      • Fixes to LH2, LiH models, updated survey information, added extra virtual planes for global track matching
    • New MAUS release with these changes is in progress.
    • Some issues still remain:
      • Fields: disagreement between hall probes & field descriptions needs to be understood (hall probe positions, field map)
      • TOF: inefficiency in TOF2 and systematic offset in deltaT -- most likely arising from calibrations
  • Data processing
    • Re-processing of all StepIV data is awaiting MAUS release
      • Will include globals as default. (during data-taking we did fast-processing without globals + slower globals production)
      • Victoria's 7469 has been reprocessed with trunk. Checking performance.
    • MC production with new release & updated geometry awaiting MAUS release
      • Need to figure out how (many) systematics-MCs are produced

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