• The final Step I paper has been published by JINST
  • Measurement of beam emittance (Victoria Blackmore)
    • We have understanding of every phase of the analysis
    • We have (incomplete) plots for most phases of the analysis
      • Missing: projection of TKU to TOF1
      • Missing: Monte Carlo
    • VB is tying it together in a MICE note
  • Multiple Coulomb Scattering (John Nugent)
    • Understand main phases of the analysis
    • Two-step data unfolding procedure;
      • untangle angle-dependent detector effects/background
      • compare with empty data and remove effects of empty absorber
    • First step is working
    • Second step is ongoing
  • Beam-based alignment of detectors (Francois Drielsma)
    • x, y, x', y' alignment is complete
    • Additional analysis to understand the roll
  • Transfer matrix alignment of magnets (Sophie Middleton)
    • Identified an additional source of systematic due to intrinsic detector resolution
    • Using MC to remove this bias
  • Step IV planning (Ao Liu)
    • Optics solutions for FC2, M2 + ECE in SSD
    • Optics solutions for FC2 + ECE in SSD
      • performance looks marginal for direct measurement of emittance reduction
    • Working out optics solutions for FC1 (in flip mode, we like high current in FC)
  • Filamentation studies
    • Tesselation of phase space - looks challenging to achieve required statistics and resolutions (C. Rogers)
    • Investigating Kernel Density Estimation (smooth the beam distribution using Gaussian filter) (T. Mohayai)
  • Pionic beamline (Jan Greis)
    • Investigate using a pion beamline for the cooling measurement
    • MC indicates a factor 2 enhancement of rate, but note uncertainty on the pion production model
    • Also note uncertainty on PID capabilities
    • Data taking ongoing to normalise/validate MC

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