Software & Computing Report

  • Software
    • Tracker:
      • NaN bug: bug identified, pending fix in MAUS trunk
      • Charge reconstruction bug: has been flagged, tracker group to investigate
    • TOF:
      • Discrepancy between TOF & tracker of ~100 ps: Scott Wilbur starting to investigate by looking at TOF0-TOF1 path-length effect
    • Global:
      • Data structure issue was holding back global track matching from going into production processing.
        • This has now been fixed. But -- initial performance benchmarks indicate slowness - being investigated.
      • Need to account for PRY effect in MAUS fields -- cumbersome (no manpower) to generate OPERA maps for each current setting
      • Correction factors (at 4T) received from HW/JP
      • Need to run some sample reconstruction with different scale factors to test
    • MC:
      • G4BL generation is bottle neck.
      • FD to look at this next
        • Consider TOF0 as G4BL-MAUS handoff point -- needs to be tested by pushing through both G4BL & MAUS and comparing
  • Infrastructure
    • CDB structure & associated software API have been created to hold alignment/analysis-based corrections to geometry
      • RB is testing
      • corrections will be applied at geometry download time, transparent for end-user.
    • Reconstruction quality table has been created along with API (JM)
      • Reco flags will come from a post-processing job
      • DR developing post-processing & quality extraction infrastructure. Also merging physics devil functionality into the post-processing job
  • Data reprocessing
    • Data to be re-processed with next MAUS release once tracker bugs are fixed
      • may not have Global in this iteration if performance continues to lag data-rate
    • will like to have alignment corrections coming from the CDB table (above) for this round of processing

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