Software & Computing Issues

  • Software
    • There was issue with geometry missing diffuser material -- fixed
    • Tracker-tracker misalignment seen (again) -- under investigation
    • TOF discrepancy ~100ps between truth and reco -- under investigation
    • Momentum discrepancy ~ few MeV between data/MC -- under investigation
  • Data reprocessing & MC production
    • Step4 data routinely reprocessed with each new MAUS release
    • Reconstruction quality monitoring and flagging being developed
    • MC: will need new G4BL input beam libraries once the pion beamline optics is finalized
      • Starting to look at changing the G4BL-MAUS interfacing to be more efficient
    • MC speed issue remains
      • for now circumvented by throwing computing resources at it
  • Infrastructure
    • Improvements to make interfacing between cooling channel DB <-> RunControl more robust
    • DB structure & API for holding absorber information (to be set from RC) -- developed, now being tested
    • Reconstruction quality table (see above) developed -- to be tested
  • Online
    • Prototype prescale-trigger design developed
      • Reconstruction software changes required to handle this

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