2016-02-10 physics-coordinator


Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling (JB Lagrange et al)
  • Draft moving slowly forwards
  • Pushing through reconstruction of MC (error bars)
  • Some more elucidation/justification of the optimisation routines
Emittance paper (V. Blackmore et al)
  • Workshop on Monday; well attended and some interesting results
    • Tracker low pz population also visible in EMR? TBC
    • Tracker efficiency looks okay
  • Aim for first draft MICE note by beginning of March
Multiple scattering (J. Nugent et al)
  • Also presented at workshop on Monday
  • Left-right asymmetry appears to have been eliminated by heavy cuts
  • Alternative bayesian analysis in progress (R Bayes)

Other analyses

Detector alignment (F. Drielsma et al)
  • As presented at VC; looks pretty good
Magnet alignment (S. Middleton et al)
  • Believable transfer matrix calculation in straight tracks case
  • Checking with more data; proceed to FC data
  • Looking at residuals-based analysis, track fitting in non-uniform non-aligned solenoid field, etc (C. Rogers)
Ckov light yield (A. Liu)
  • Data from September 2015 now looks consistent with MICE Note 473; new geometry with better TOF positions
Simplex-based non-linearities (C. Rogers)
  • Looking at phase space volume evolution using small test volumes; expose dynamic aperture
Step IV lattice w/o M1 SSD (A. Liu)
  • New lattice presented at optics review
  • Looks encouraging; lattice for 140-240 MeV/c flip and non-flip
  • Still not clear that we can do a "beta" function scan or what form that takes


Run plan 2015-04
  • Tracker DAQ studies
  • Alignment
  • Straight tracks for emittance paper
  • Beam rate vs pions (requires DS)
  • LiH scattering (with/without absorber)

Workshop planned for Tuesday 1st March to pick up analysis status

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