• Lots of activity in the Hall during January/February
    • Conventional magnet cooling circuits flushed
    • Focus coils swapped and FC1 being prepared for us in Feb
    • PPS serviced
    • Parts of the tracker He leak identified and being fixed
    • DS Power supply being returned by Feb 23 and will be installed on arrival
  • Things which we will need to do during or after the user cycle
    • DS Power supply commissioning will have to be done in one of two work periods during the user cycle
    • Possible work on leak from the diffuser during user cycle
    • Mechanical realignment of SSD postponed until after this user cycle
  • User Cycle 2015/04 : 16/Feb - 23/Mar
    • Straight track running with and without LiH absorber
    • 110 shifts allocated. 100 shifts taken up.
    • MOMs : Paul Kyberd and Ryan Bayes
    • BLOCs : we have a small pool which may be enough for this user cycle but really need more trained BLOCs
    • Expert start-up run : 17th Feb
    • Beam tune : Morning of the 18th Feb
    • Shift training on Feb 22nd
    • Data-taking to begin on Feb 23rd
    • Two work periods during the user cycle
      • 29/Feb - 3/Mar before 16:00 (evening shifts will continue)
      • 7/Mar - 11/Mar for LiH installation, but other work could also proceed in this slot.
    • I have some concerns at mix of Hall work and data-taking. Work must be scheduled, together
      with the DC, at the scheduling meetings and DC must be present during the work.

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