Software & Computing Issues

Software & Computing Issues:

  • Software
    • Tracker sign flip & PR efficiency fixed with real data.
    • New tracker calibrations done for Sep-Dec running
    • Opera field model implemented in geometry for realistic field representation
    • Found some issues with tracker MC
      • Fix (in geometry-handling) currently being tested before releasing
      • All necessary code-fixes for trackers are in MAUS, pending a release.
    • Efficiencies
      • Tracker efficiency for helical tracks a bit low, to be addressed next.
      • TOF0 reconstruction efficiency being addressed in calibration
  • Data reprocessing & MC production
    • Both reprocessing and MC are currently waiting on final geometry being released
      • Then a round of testing against before proceeding with full processing
    • DM from Belgrade starting to get up to speed with MC management on grid
    • MC Speed remains an issue that needs to be sorted.
  • Network
    • C&M: Device addressing by IP (avoiding software name lookups) nearly done.
    • Script developed to lockout ssh connections C&M servers during data-taking
    • Needs to be tested

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