analysis report

  • SSD w/o M1
    • we abandon 4 T in spectrometer and "beta symmetric about absorber". Looks like we can make a measurement, but requires SS at 1.2 T; acceptance of the tracker becomes limiting; pz resolution becomes limiting and we need to do some fiddly global track fit to get pz out of the TOF
    • we abandon beta constant in spectrometer. Looks like we can make a measurement, but acceptance of the tracker is still limiting due to large beta beating in tracker region and, for emittance change measurement, we need to do some fiddly beam selection routine to get the beam looking okay.
    • Writing a note, try to get incomplete draft out by this evening.
  • Tracker to tracker alignment:-
    • Minimise residuals (Chris Hunt) - no progress, Chris Hunt is being pulled in too many directions
    • Least squares fit (John Nugent) - internal alignment of tracker verified; tracker to tracker alignment in progress; note insufficient statistics from run Monday 29th Sep, new data will be requested
  • PID detector alignment (Francois Drielsma):-
    • Beam centroid alignment is done
    • Track based alignment is blocked by geometry issues in MAUS
  • Particle selection/cut-based PID (Tanaz Mohayai, Scott Wilbur): uncovering issues in reconstruction, found some interesting particle species!
  • Tracker to solenoid alignment:-
    • Helix fitting (Chris Rogers) - SSU and SSD alignment in low field is done. SSU ~ 1-3 mrad; SSD ~ 5-7 mrad. Not sure about direction of tilt (MAUS geometry issue). Needs systematics analysis. Needs 4T SSU data analysed
    • Transfer matrix (Sophie Middleton) - Poor residuals from low field data; Wednesday's high field looks like residuals are compatible with straight tracks analysis (as expected)
  • Cooling demo
    • Discussion with Jaroslaw, promises draft to referees by CM43
  • 2015/03 plan
    • Blocked by SSD w/o M1
  • EMR paper - awaiting author list
  • Pion contamination paper - minor comments received, new draft in progress

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