2015-05-08 Physics coordinator report

  • Moving to weekly analysis meetings, every Thursday bar VC week

Step I papers

  • EMR paper - now at MICE internal referees
  • Pion contamination paper - analysis ongoing, implemented Feldman-Cousins test following DAQ fixes, new measurement found
  • Beam polarisation measurement - analysis is "close", expect to begin publication bureaucracy by CM42

Step IV

  • Preliminary analysis on magnet multipole components in presence of iron;
    • solenoid field component scales linearly except near end walls
    • small skew quad component;
    • measured magnet alignment - see Blackmore VC talk
  • 2015/01 run plan is in "final draft"
    • Caveat:
      • we will be running at 2 V and 50/64 Hz;
      • and we have a better estimate of the data rate with no cooling channel magnets;
      • these need to be folded in; looks like tracker "straight tracks" validation will take quite a bit longer...
    • Now developing detailed run settings; plan to draw in more optics people to help here
    • Call for physics shifters in 2015/01 has gone out
  • 2015/02 run plan initiated; at "headings" level, seeking input from relevant parties

Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling

  • Optimising FC separation
  • IPAC paper forms zero draft

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