2015-03-06 Physics Report

ACTION: Review and release for comment long-list of MICE publications. Paper status
  • Step I papers:-
    • EMR data paper- VC talk, analysis completed and now in "write up" phase
    • PID paper:- hung up on reconstruction issues; fixed unpacking has been run
      but ADC response of the KL now looks different.
  • Cooling demo paper:
    • Secondary absorber did not present sufficient material to the beamline to
      shield the tracker, review of secondary absorber position which has caused
      delay to the paper.
    • Tried for a revision this week for review, it didn't work out, hope to have a
      revision by next week
  • Step IV papers:
  • Rogers is re-establishing selection/weighting algorithms
    • analysis of "physics block challenge"
    • review of data rate issues, etc.
  • Field mapping
    • Blackmore/Cobb have a good analysis of the field axis in the FC, have got rid
      of the nasty "tails" ruining the fitting, hopeful that SS will follow in time
      for alignment beginning of April
  • June running
    • Planning note in preparation,
    • Discuss/finalise note at a meeting in two weeks time, date TBC (only just got
      response from key people)

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