MICE Executive Board

26th February 2014; 15:00 GMT

Phone details

  1. Minutes and actions: All
    • Agreed notes of previous meeting 2014-01-17-eb-minutes.pdf
      Status of actions:
    • All: Comments on draft ToR for Constitution Review Panel 31 January
      • Superceded.
    • All: Comments on draft publication policy by 31 January
      • Superceded.
    • Long: Check why Soler is not able to send to EB list
      • Done. Now fixed.
    • Long: Broker meeting between KL, PS and STFC H2020 leads to discuss MICE in H2020
      • Done. Will take place 25Mar14
    • Bonesini: to propose list of names for European EB Rep
      • Done. Tsenov proposed and accepted.
    • Long: DLi: close out preliminary CM38 agenda
      • Done.
    • Long, DLi: fix CM38 registration fee
      • Done.
    • Long: to coordinate with Palladino wrt conference dates for CM39
      • Done.
    • Long: to coordinate with Bonesini wrt INFN funding dates for CM39
      • Superceded.
    • Bonesini: to coordinate with Orestano and Tortora, get Rome dates for CM40 by CM38
    • Bowden: agrees to write letter/specification of ISIS support team to support funding body decision by 31 January
      • Done.
    • Long: to discuss potential conflict in Analysis group WBS - geometry vs calibration vs alignment
      • Done.
    • Long: to coordinate meeting at CERN in February wrt Horizon 2020
      • Done. Meeting took place 12Feb14.
    • Blondel: prepare revised shift policy document by 22 February
      • Done.
  2. Items arising from CM38: All
  3. Review of Collaboration Charter; next steps: KL
  4. Policy for shift allocation: ABl
  5. Organisation of publications: PS
  6. Dates of next video conferences: KL
  7. H2020 RISE and its value for MICE: RT
  8. Next collaboration meetings:
    • CM38: debrief:
    • CM39:
      1. At RAL: 25Jun—29Jun: KL
        • CM40:
          1. Rome: 26Oct--29Oct: MB
            • CM41 et seq: KL
              1. 2015:
                CM41 09th to 13th February 2015
                CM42 22nd to 26th June 2015
                CM43 05th to 09th October 2015
              2. 2016
                CM44 15th to 19th February 2016
                CM45 20th to 24th June 2016
                CM46 03rd to 07th October 2016
  9. Speakers Bureau: VP
    • Freely following Ken's list of deserving mice, I arranged that Adam Dobbs will speak at the IOP meeting in April Ben Freemire will speak at APS a few days earlier.
    • IPAC14 (Dresden June) posters are not formally confirmed yet, but I privately hear from the organizers that we will have soon to provide the names of the postermakers.
    • Two abstracts were submitted by me. These poster-makers should not be Victoria and Pavel, at least not necessarily, right, Ken? [right!]
    • The first two I plan to ask are Overton and Taylor.
    • How do you plan to handle the one abstract you submitted, Dan?
    • I plan to submit soon the same two abstracts to Neutrino 2014 and ICHEP14.
  10. Common Fund: KL
  11. DONM
    • To be defined in relation to the next VCs
  12. AoB

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