MICE Executive Board

17th January 2014; 15:00 GMT

Phone details

  1. Minutes and actions: All
    Agreed notes of previous meeting: attachment:2013-12-13-EB-Notes.pdf
Status of actions:
  • KL: Convey to MIPO that EB asks MIPO to analyse options for construction
    of Step IV (perhaps using decision tree?);
    • Done.
  • KL: Convey to MEMO that EB notes that MEMO is preparing for a
    discussion of physics at Step IV with reduced current and
    encourages MEMO to expedite the study;
    • Done.
  • KL: When clarification of computer system requirements over
    Christmas break have been clarified, send note to collaboration
    explaining which systems will be run at risk over the holiday period;
    • Done. C. Rogers informed collaboration of arrangements for the
      holiday period.
  • KL: Contact D. Li (CC DK) to pass on requests re CM38
    • Done. Agenda item.
  • All: Suggest to KL (CC EB) “syllabus”, topics for lectures and
    nominations for lecturers for CM pedagogy on ionization
    • Done: no responses; proposed topics for first two talks agenda
  • KL: Check why PS is not able to send to EB list;
    • Done. At least I think it is! Perhaps PS should send a test
  • KL: Broker meeting between KL, PS and STFC H2020 leads to discuss
    MICE in H2020;
    • In progress: KL/PS will send suggested dates to C. Jamieson who
      has agreed to organise the meeting.
  • EB regional representatives: Consult to define a proposal for the
    regional panel member in time for the next EB meeting:
    • Stands.
  • KL: Provide draft ToR for constitution review panel by next EB;
    • Done. Agenda item.
  • All: Send comments on ABl proposal for shift tax to ABl/EB in
    advance of the next EB meeting;
    • Stands: agenda item.
  • PS: Draft collaboration publication policy and circulate in advance
    of the next EB meeting;
    • Stands. Agenda item.
  • All: Respond to VP’s request for nominations for presenters by the
    • Superceded. Agenda item.
  1. Project Manager’s report: RP
  2. Report from MEMO: KL
  3. Next collaboration meetings:
  4. Funding update:
    • Europe: KL/PS/MB
    • UK: KL/PS
    • US: DK/MP
    • Gathering “impact” data: KL
  5. Review of Collaboration Constitution; proposed action: All
  6. Policy for shift allocation: ABl
  7. Discussion of organisation of publications: PS
  8. Speakers Bureau: VP
  9. Common Fund: KL
  10. DONM
    • 28th February 2014; 15:00 GMT
    • 14th March 2014; 15:00 GMT
  11. AoB

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