User cycle : 2016/03 - Nov 15th - Dec 16th

  • MOM : Ed Overton who has (today) handed over to Melissa Uchida.
  • MICE is fully staffed (24 hours / day) to the end of the user cycle.
  • Been operating since Nov 17th
    • Nov 18 - Nov 23 : LiH materials programme
    • Nov 24 - Nov 28 : Straight track running
    • Nov 29 - : LiH materials + emittance reduction measurements
  • Allowing BLOCs to be shifters at the same time has helped with BLOC scheduling
  • Running has been largely smooth.
  • Major issues to date :
    • ISIS instability
    • Programming of one of the pumps supplying cooling water to the conventional magnets was faulty leading to continual conventional magnet trips (problem has been understood and mitigation in place, if not fixed)
  • Operational (not to mention personal) concerns over non-delivery of UK grant and imminent disappearance of expert personnel.

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