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h1. Rolling Review of Controls & Monitoring 


 h2. Scope 

 The purpose of the rolling review is to "Execute a detailed investigation of the controls and monitoring code and the associated communication systems that control the power system for the superconducting magnets." 

 * Terms of reference: attachment:01-2016-17-Rolling-CaM-review-ToR.pdf 


 h2. Personnel 

 The rolling review team will include: 
 K. Long (Chair) 
 D. Rajaram (Secretary, S/w ā€™nā€™ C coordinator) 
 C. Whyte (Project Manager) 
 B. Martlew (DL Controls Group Leader) 
 P. Hodgson (Duty Coordinator, experimenter with experience in real-time systems) 
 Other persons may be coopted as necessary. 

 Key MICE personnel that will be required to provide material for the rolling review: 
 P. Hanlet (Controls and monitors coordinator) 
 P. Owens (DL Controls Engineer) 
 A. Oates (DL Controls Engineer) 
 P. Franchini (Online computing infrastructure coordinator) 
 A. Kurup (Controls and monitoring group member) 
 M. Courthold (Magnet and controls expert)  
 S. Griffiths (DL Electrical Engineering Group Leader) 
 T. Hartnett (DL Electrical Engineering Group) 
 S. Feher (FNAL, Magnet expert) 
 A. Bross (Deputy Spokesman and magnet expert) 

 Where appropriate, advice and input from other key people, e.g. R. Pilipenko (FNAL) will be sought. 


 h2. Meetings 

 **** [[MEMO-CAM-Review-2016-12-19|Meeting 1]] 

 **** [[MEMO-CAM-Review-2017-01-12|Meeting 2]] 

 **** [[MEMO-CAM-Review-2017-01-26|Meeting 3]] 

 **** [[MEMO-CAM-Review-2017-02-24|Meeting 4]] 


 h2. Closeout documentation 

 *** *Summary* 
 **** attachment:2017-06-03-CAM-review-summary-final.pdf 
 *** *Document studies and status of serial communications* 
 ****    attachment:CAM-Closeout-SerialCommunications.pdf 
 *** *Document final reduced command set for magnet PSU controls* controls: 
 **** attachment:CAM-Closeout-ControlPVs-list.pdf 
 *** *Zero Zero set_current on open/close of contactors* contactors 
 **** Implemented in the IOC and IOC has been restarted since. 
 *** *Implement Magnets PSU hardware limit on magnet PSUs*