• Geometry
    • geometry fixes if any (DR —> PF)
    • integrate survey information (DR —> PF)
    • upload geometry to CDB (DR —> PF)
    • book-keeping (DR —> PF)
    • Status:
      • diffuser, tracker glue fixes done for a few geometries, needs to be done for others. DR & PF to walk through
      • Tracker glue issue might require another iteration
  • Data processing
    • currently on the GRID (DM)
    • however, emergency & special requests on MLCR (DR)
    • generate list of runs, hand off to DM (DR —> PF)
    • build MAUS for GRID (DR —> PF)
    • push MAUS to CVMFS (JM)
    • run on GRID (DM)
    • reco-mover to copy output to tape & make www-visible (JM)
    • Status:
      • reco-mover migrated to PPD network, JM needs to run tests
      • MAUS build currently on MLCR needs to be migrated to PPD network (PF)
  • MC
    • generate g4bl decks for beam generation (DR —> PF)
    • MC requests, datacard specifications (DR —> PF, DM)
    • run MC on GRID (DM)
    • Status:
      • v5 beam generation done with tuned currents from CR
      • might require another iteration due to presence of GVA1 counter beamline deck
      • GEANT4 simulation against generated decks starting
  • TOF
    • generate calibrations (VP —> ??)
    • code maintenance, fixes (DR —> ??)
    • Status:
      • VP has generated calibrations going back to 2016
      • esting against sample runs & verifying
  • Tracker
    • Status
      • FD pointed out an issue with tracker glue handling. There is a MAUS data card which controls the station density & feeds into the Kalman model. Needs to be tuned for data-MC matching. FD has an ad-hoc tune for a few data-sets
      • Track fit with TOF seeding — not in production yet. Should be tested, especially with a diffuser-in settings
  • MAUS
    • Status:
      • Cuts data structure should be integrated into production
      • Handling of beam-by-beam datacards needs thought
      • MAUS Paper -- DR to push out this week
  • CDB
    • Server migrated away from MLCR
    • upload calibrations, channel maps, geometries to CDB — includes TOF, Tracker (DR —> PF)
    • MC production book-keeping (DM)
    • Status
      • DR to collect scripts & document
  • WWW
    • Maintenance & updates (DR —> YT?)
  • Computing infrastructure
    • CDB and reco-mover services migrated to PPD
    • Onrec, offrec machines remain in MLCR for special production usage
  • Documentation
    • DR to document & put scripts on repository

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