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Long, Kenneth, 14 May 2018 09:59


Joint MICE Experiment Management Office and MICE International Project Office

15th May 2018; 15:30 BST
RAL, R1 1st Floor North, CR22


  1. Introduction: KL
  2. Notes of previous meeting and status of actions: All
    • CW: Organise DC cover for equipment-recovery work in teh MICE Hall.
    • CW: Include copper cables between magnets and RR2 in the scrappage plan.
    • CW: With others make inventry of what may not be scrapped by ISIS post June 2018 when ISIS take over ownershp of the MICE Hall.
    • PS: Generate two-pager to close-out common fund for next PSAG.
    • PS: Close discussion with UK group leaders over UK representation at the MICE EB
  3. Project Manager's report: CW
  4. Software and computing status: DR
  5. MLCR and computing decommissioning/plan for continued support for analysis: DR
  6. Future proofing the MICE WWW site: DR
  7. Paper status and plans: CR
  8. AOB

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