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h1. Computing and Software status, May 15, 2018 

 * Software: 
 ** TOF: 
 *** one PMT channel with hole in the ADC distribution -- needs to be blacklisted & accounted for in the reconstruction 
 *** Calibrations need to be finalized to try improve efficiency especially for TOF2 
 *** TOF review has been on hiatus, to resume 

 ** Tracker: 
 *** Geometry description issue 
 *** Some evidence (?) that the tracker is misaligned for the scattering run period 

 ** EMR 
 *** bug fix: chi2 calculation 
 *** bug fix: polystyrene material definition 

 ** Geometry: 
 *** LH2 window material is incorrect in production geometries -- fix in hand 
 *** Tracker glue not correctly defined in tracker geometry -- CR has tuned the density 
 *** DR to push fixes to all Step IV production geometries 
 *** Standing: description of diffuser aperture & support materials 

 ** MC 
 *** bug fix: we were not seeing delta electrons due to a bug -- fixed in MAUS trunk 
 *** bug fix: tracker channel/calibration look up was incorrect in MC digitizer -- fixed in trunk 

 * Processing: 
 **    Plan:  
 *** make a new release 
 *** push corrected geometries 
 *** run MC production 
 *** reprocess data 

 * Computing: 
 ** MLCR decomissioning (PF) 
 *** Equipment & services to be migrated 
 **** Target: basically done (tested and training to be finalized) 
 **** CDB: failover next week. One more week for the PPD slave in order to be independent from the MLCR. 
 **** Backups on GRID: tarballs ready for the Archivist to be moved 
 **** Switch off: D1 survey next week before turning most of the machines off and final Archiver tarball. PF waiting for survey before turning off IOCs and machines. 
 *** Computing equipment to be returned 
 **** QPS computer 
 **** Geneva computers -- onrec machines being used for local processing, so we'd like to hold on to them as long as possible 

 * Staffing 
 ** HN's grid roles: agreed that PK + student/Brunel person will take over from Henry 
 ** DM says he will be able to continue supporting GRID productions/processing & if support needed he can lean on Mihailo 

 * MAUS Paper: 
 ** (Finally) revised draft sent to KL, PF