2018-03-20 paper-status

  • Emittance measurement paper
    • Systematics calculation is complete
    • Few "final checks/tweaks" going in this week
    • Send to referees for referees meeting early April
  • Scattering paper
    • Revised MC and reconstruction with improved geometry
    • Discussion of acceptance checks; revised algorithm
    • TOF geometry/survey outstanding issue
    • Various other fixes proposed at CM50 have been/are in process of being implemented
    • Not yet discovered the problem with the asymmetry
  • Emittance evolution paper
    • Significant electronics noise up to 4 npe -> revise NPE cut to 4 npe
    • Significant delta electron population that is not properly represented in G4
      • working hypothesis that these cause degradation of resolution (longer tail in chi2 plot) especially at low pt
      • working through G4 stuff to improve model
  • Field mapping online analysis
    • appears to show longer fringe field near end plate
    • significant azimuthal variation in centre coil region; may be mapper misalignment or effect of PRY
  • Wedge/KDE paper
    • Discussed work plan with Tanaz/Pavel on Thursday
  • System performance paper
    • Documents coming back; review in lead-up to analysis workshop
  • Field-on scattering paper

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