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Rogers, Chris, 06 February 2018 15:24


Joint MICE Experiment Management Office and MICE International Project Office

06th February 2018; 15:30 GMT
RAL, R1 2nd Floor East, MICE Meeting room

Phone details

  1. Introduction: KL
  2. Notes of previous meeting and status of actions: All
    • CW: Organise test of QD/QP systems for SSs.
    • KL: Contact supervisor of CERN field-mapping team to seek to secure permission for them to carry out the MICE magnetic-field survey.
    • KL/CW: Issue first version of the decommissioning plan this week.
  3. Hall status, stability of systems, planning for decommissioning and making safe to be complete by 31Mar18: CW
  4. Data validation ahead of start of Cycle 2017/04: CR
  5. Software and computing status: DR
  6. Memo on measurements required before experiment is decommissioned: CR
    • No update
  7. Paper status and plans: CR
  8. AOB

Summary of actions:

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