2018-01-23-MEMOMIPO analysis

Data validation
  • Tracker folks working through tracker studies
  • Started working my way through generic analysis plots on a subset of runs
    • Processing run finished
    • About a quarter of the way through "looking at plots"
    • Note issue with number of TOF0 triggers
  • Looking at doing full analysis for LiH/no absorber 2017-02.7 data (and compare with lH2 data)
    • Track extrapolation
    • MC Comparison
Paper status
  • Emittance measurement - referees meeting; minor comments; needs systematics uncertainty; discussing details of tracker resolutions
  • Emittance evolution - looks okay; MC-data comparison looks okay, some features to be understood; bug in sampling -> too high transmission
  • Field off scattering - greatly improved momentum selection (diffuser cut); fixed issue in fiducial volume check; now issue in systematic errors calculation
  • Field on scattering - stalled; support with additional resources
  • System performance paper - needs chasing through; support with additional resources

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