Computing & Software status, January 23, 2018

  • Software:
    • Tracker:
      • Several changes & fixes to PR fitting seem to have addressed issues with low momentum bump and dropping space-points
      • Efficiency review on hiatus, will reconvene after tracker group digests newly processed data
    • Globals:
      • several updates to track matching & structure: storing raw sp/tracks with global counterparts, energy loss calculation for propagated tracks
      • Global track matching now in default reconstruction chain
    • TOF:
      • inefficiency in TOF2 and systematic offset in deltaT -- most likely arising from calibrations
    • Geometry:
      • LH2 description was incorrect - fixed. Likely bug in LiH geometry - fixed.
    • Data structure:
      • Misha implemented a v0 cuts framework to make analysis streamlined. Being revamped & extended.
  • Processing:
    • Have started processing with new MAUS 3.1
    • Seeing speed & memory issues
      • being investigated - memory is an issue for grid processing (MC)
  • Computing:
    • DR, PF starting to put together computing decommissioning tasks
  • MAUS Paper:
    • DR to push out new draft incorporating edits & comments

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